Diamond loves adventure. She ate a worm-burger and chicken feet in South America, backpacked through Europe, rescued a friend from arrest in Mexico (the federales were really very nice), had coffee with the French police, was kicked out of a train station in Italy for having feet on a chair, and spent an entire night on the beach in a thunderstorm in Spain. She has a favorite scarf that functions as a blanket, a swimsuit, a towel (anything, really). She doesn't leave the house without at least three electronic devices, a protein bar, and her passport--because you never know where life might take you. Diamond loves s'mores, fancy cheese, dark chocolate, and strong coffee. She loves to cook for her family, especially her nine nephews and nieces who inspire her to write stories and have adventures. She writes poetry and fiction, speaks five languages, and oh, yeah. She free-style raps when around very close friends. She hopes that someday her children will be better-behaved than her two cats, Ray and Thumbelina, who like to steal her magnets off the fridge when she isn't home. Diamond enjoys playing basketball, hiking, floating the river, watching the sunrise at the beach, Latin dance, reading, writing, and making handpuppets in the light of projector screens.


 Diamond graduated from Bozeman Christian High School in 2001. In 2006, she graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Modern Languages and Literature in Spanish, German, and French. In 2010, she finished her M.A. at Washington State University where she studied Peninsular and Latin American Literature, Linguistics, Technology in the Classroom, Pedagogy, and Second Language Acquisition. She currently is a Voices columnist for the Dallas Morning News and teaches French and Spanish in DISD.